Short-path distillation is a distillation technique that involves the distillate travelling a short distance, often only a few centimeters, and is normally done at vacuum environment. This technique is often used for compounds which are unstable at high temperatures or to purify small amounts of compound. For example, in cannabis industry, people usually use it to distillate CBD.
Fleur De Leaf short path distillation kit is popular with high quality and appropriate price in cannabis industry. And it ‘s many people’s first distillation machine. We believe it will be your best choice. The entire kit includes a magnetic stirring heating mantle, glassware kit for short path distillation, cold trap, heater/chiller for precise cooling of condenser and necessary accessories (tubes, lab jack, etc).

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A variety of size options between 2L, 5L, 10L & 20L

Distillation Head

Newly re-designed distillation head with larger vacuum jacket for less heat loss during distillation, increased internal diameter for more efficient evaporation.

Receiving Flask

Using receiving flask with valves instead of 1-to-1 or 1-to-3 flask, which guarantees the vacuum environment and realizes continuous discharge.


Using thermowell instead of screw adapter, ensuring no gas leakage.

Stainless Steel Bellow and Clamps

Using KF25 flange and flexible stainless steel vacuum bellow instead of barb adapter and silicone hose, for better vacuum environment.
All clamps are made of stainless steel.

Weight 0.8 lbs


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