FDL ReLeaf Scar Cream 50mg CBD


What are marijuana topicals?

Fleur de Leaf Scar Cream/Balms & FiYa Roll-on & BioReLeaf—all infused with broad spectrum cannabinoids.

No matter how you prefer to consume, don’t overlook Fleur de Leaf CBD topicals, especially if you’re using cannabis for neuropathic pain, headaches, and especially skin inflammation.

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Will I feel it?

Topicals do not get you high—at least not to the degree of intoxication (some users describe a “lift”; your mileage may vary). Whether you opt for a THC- or CBD-based topical, the mode of consumption—application to the skin—offers all the therapeutic benefits with no psychoactivity. Cannabinoids in topicals do readily penetrate to the bloodstream, so the closest to a traditional “high” will likely be a slight local tingling.

Fleur de Leaf Topicals are used for myriad reasons. Athletes use CBD for recovery, soreness and strain, adhesions and fibrosis. This unique formula for will aid in the prevention of scarring, inflammatory adhesions, and other physical healing properties.

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