FDL ReLeaf Cold Therapy Roll-On 3oz Broad Spectrum Isolate 300mg CBD


What is ReLeaf Roll-On?

ReLeaf Roll-On is a broad spectrum hemp roll-on pain relief product with CBD, camphor, and menthol that has many proven ingredients to help aid in the ReLeaf of pain and inflammation. The ReLeaf Roll-On CBD camphor and menthol gel is also offered up with the ReLeaf Soft Gel & Lozenges rapid-dissolving tablets that come with a whole plant cannabinoids formula.

This product features:

  • 300 mg of Broad Spectrum Isolate
  • Contains up to 300 mg of CBD per bottle.
FDL ReLeaf Cold Therapy Roll-On 3oz Broad Spectrum Isolate 300mg CBD



Active ingredients:

  • 5% Menthol • 8% Camphor

How to use the ReLeaf Roll-On

By applying ReLeaf Roll-On to trouble spots on your body, you can enjoy fast, cooling ReLeaf from multiple types of pain. ReLeaf Roll On supportively contains approved pharmaceutical ingredients and natural known pain relievers that have the potential to help with pain fast. ReLeaf Roll On is a full spectrum hemp topical pain relief system that also includes turmeric, camphor and menthol. You roll the product onto your body, and enjoy the soft cooling effect help with sore muscle’s and joints.

Apply ReLeaf Roll On to your neck, shoulders, hands, arms, joints, and anywhere that aches. By applying the gel directly to your body, you can “experience an immediate cold therapy relief” via a 300mg blend of full- spectrum hemp extract, lidocaine, menthol and natural pain relievers. By applying the roll-on system directly to your joints, knees, or aches, you maximize the potential to relief at the source.


How the ReLeaf Roll-On works

Like other roll-on pain ReLeaf products, ReLeaf Roll On enters the skin trans-dermally. The active ingredients rub against your skin, and your skin absorbs the ingredients. After entering the skin, the ingredients work in different ways. Some ingredients irritate the area beneath your skin, creating inflammation, which encourages your body to send anti-inflammatories to the area. This kickstarts your body’s natural healing processes, which could relieve joint and muscle pain.

 Lab Reports

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