FDL ReLeaf Pain Patches 25mg CBD each x 2ct


CBD patches are the easiest way to take CBD, hands down. (No pun intended.)

You just stick one on your skin, and enjoy hours of continuous relief. Plus, patches can take effect faster than CBD capsules, because the CBD bypasses your liver and digestive system.

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Ready to try CBD patches for anxiety, pain, or sleep? Get ready to discover the best CBD patch available right now. The CBD Living “Reservoir” Transdermal Patch (60 mg) stands out because it’s made with nano-particles of CBD. And it can be worn for up to 96 hours, according to the company.

Nano-particles are smaller than normal CBD molecules, so they may theoretically be easier to absorb through your skin barrier.

With 60 mg of CBD, this patch is designed for up to 96 hours of consistent, sustained CBD delivery, right where you need it most.

Their patch is designed to flex, so you can stick it almost anywhere on your body — even right near your aching joints.

This is important, because one of the main advantages of using transdermal patches (compared to consuming CBD orally, like with a CBD tincture), is that patches can give you more localized relief. You simply place the patch where you want the cannabinoid’s healing and anti-inflammatory effects to most fully take effect.

Got cramps? Stick it on your belly. Aching shoulder? Slap it right on there.

You’ll get days of consistent CBD dosing, without having to remember to take your CBD. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a sticky gray mark on your skin when you take it off: Customers note that CBD Living’s patches don’t seem to have this common headache (possibly because of the aloe they include, or the medical-grade adhesive they use).

And the effects should be felt quickly: another advantage to topical patches is that their ingredients don’t need to pass through the detoxification processes of your liver. (This makes topical patches a great option for anyone who’s worried about CBD interacting with their other medicines.)

And you can feel comfortable taking a hit of this hemp extract being straight through your skin, thanks to their readily-available test results, which include passing results for residual solvents, heavy metals, and chemical residues.


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