FDL ReLeaf Lip Balm 25mg CBD


Do you have extremely chapped lips? Even after trying several different lip balms, they are still so chapped that they are becoming a problem? Many people have this same dilemma and are trying a new and upcoming, organic way to help relieve their chapped lips.

FDL ReLeaf Lip Balm 25mg CBD



Does CBD Help Chapped Lips?

Using CBD/Hemp oil has been shown to help people continue to moisturize their lips but also to add an enhancement of protection to help to aid in the prevention of fever blisters & chapping. CBD/Hemp oil helps the lips to begin to make new skin cells to reduce the look of cracking on the lips as well as other nuisances, like cold sores. Fleur de Leaf created a CBD lip balm that is easy to apply but also has all the benefits that your lips need in order to prevent chapping and cracking.

It is infused with CBD oil and also mixed with natural ingredients that will restore your lips to the beautiful glory.

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