Extraction Lab

Hybrid Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Units, Chilled Ethanol Triple Layer Electric Lifting Reactors/Extractors with Automatic Crystalizing Jacket Machines

Fleur de Leaf is a brand we created specifically for plant purification. After creating this brand, we keenly felt the limited opportunities in this field, so recently, we spent more and more of our energy in this industry of plant purification.

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As a company that has been formulating CBD products since 2016. Fleur de Leaf’s hybrid molecular distillation uses the difference in the average free path of different types of molecules in the mixture. This difference is amplified under high temperature and high vacuum conditions. The molecules with a large average free pass move to the center of the main evaporator to condenseinto a liquid, and go into the light component receiving flask; some of the molecules with a small mean free pass still remain in liquid form on the main evaporator wall at high temperature and then flow into the heavy component receivingflask due to gravity. We match different cold traps to condense collected steam to obtain different materials. For example, by constructing a cold trap at -20°C as the first cold trap, we can obtain essential oils. Hybrid molecular distillation is widely used in the field of efficient extraction of plant components. Proper and reasonable use of this equipment will allow the Fleur de Leaf to complete this work more efficiently than fractional distillation.