If you’re thinking of trying a CBD product to help you rest and relax, calm your nerves, or reduce physical discomfort, it’s important to know how much to take. Discover how to determine the correct CBD dosage based on your weight or desired effect. 

What is the Standard Dosage of CBD?

There is no standard dosage of CBD. The FDA does not regulate the cannabinoid, so all recommended dosages are based on individual studies on CBD or from manufacturer recommendations. Generally, however, 1 mg to 6 mg is an acceptable starting dosage for most people. 


Factors to Consider When Determining Your Dosage

When determining your CBD dosage, consider the potency and bioavailability of CBD compounds of the CBD product. 


Potency refers to the strength or intensity of the product. For example, a full spectrum CBD distillate is likely to have more potency than CBD isolate. This is because it contains terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids like THC that add to the effects. 


Products with higher bioavailability may give you a more intense result because they are more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD vapes can have a bioavailability of about 56%, oils and tinctures, 20% to 30%, and edibles, around 5% to 15%. 

CBD Dosage By Weight

If you purchase CBD products from Fleur de Leaf, you can follow the dosage chart on our FAQ page, which breaks down doses for body weight and condition severity. Our recommendations range from 4-6mg for a mild condition and 61 to 100 lbs, to 42-60 mg for a severe condition and someone between 170-250 lbs. 

CBD Dosage By Desired Effect

You may also choose a dosage based on the desired effect you have for the CBD. According to a recent Forbes article and the Center For Advancing Health, you can estimate your dosage for different conditions as follows:

  • Anxiety – 40 mg to 600 mg per day
  • Chronic Pain – 2.5 mg to 30 mg per day
  • Arthritis – 30 mg per day
  • Sleep – 25 mg to 175 mg per day

You should start with a small dose and work your way up to find an effective dosage for your needs. Always check with your doctor before taking CBD.

Use High-Quality CBD Products

With high-quality, lab-tested CBD products from Fleur de Leaf, you can get the benefits you want from your tinctures, distillates, or isolates. Follow our recommended dosage and remember to start small and work your way up until you feel the desired effects. 


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